The Wonder Junkies almost never were. The band was born in Philadelphia in the summer of 2010 under unexpected circumstances. Two musicians were brought together by association; seeking not much more than an afternoon endeavor. As time passed and the conversation became more interesting, so did the desire to bring others into the circle.

The Wonder Junkies’ sound is simple, accessible and unassuming; casually constructed to provide the most basic experience- a good time for all involved- some uncomplicated delight. With inspirations too numerous to name, the band has forged an identity through storytelling, an affinity for improvisation and a close ring of friends and fans who are as important to the shared experience as the music being played.

The Wonder Junkies are enjoying themselves and hope you are too.

Meet the Band

Patrick Vulgamore, Guitar & Lead Vocals

Patrick Vulgamore, Guitar & Lead Vocals

Snapped into this world against his own volition, Pat has once and for all given into his need to continuously create music after 20 years of peddling.  His urge to create his own library stems from his love of the craft; good or bad, all of it is violently consumed by this individual.

Ethan Gray, Bass & Backing Vocals

Ethan Gray, Bass & Backing Vocals

A performer for more than half of his life, Ethan adores the bass because of its placement in the pocket; the free space between the melody of the guitar and the rhythm of the drums.  An avid listener of all styles of soulful music (but primarily nurtured by Led Zeppelin and the Grateful Dead), he began his tenure as a player in elementary school.


Here for your enjoyment, though if you really like it, you’ll tell your friends or buy your own copy.


The Wonder Junkies debut album “Sterescopic” was released on
August 27th and can be found wherever fine music is sold, pirated, streamed, bootlegged, viewed, and/or regurgitated.

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